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About Kris Burton

Kris is a professional freelance photographer, and photo-artist based in East Texas near Tyler.

Her unique ability to capture people in everyday life makes extraordinary art for viewers.

During her extensive travels, Kris has developed an interesting collection of photo art that adorns the walls of many homes in East Texas and across the country.

Kris' passion for photography and creative spirit drive her pursuit to bring a unique perspective to each photo.  



Photogrpher's favorite quote
Conscious Acts of Grace

Liza Ely, founder of the Center for Well-Being in Lindale is a dear friend of Kris. Her recently published book, "Conscious Acts of Grace" is a collection of inspiring stories dealing with end of life issues. Kris took the photo of Liza that you see on the back cover. To learn more, visit www.centerofwellbeing.com